Wedding Proposal at Durdle Door With Amrit & Rhia

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Sometimes in life, things arrive all at once – just like buses. For myself as a photographer, this is the case for shooting wedding proposals! I now like buses. To have now shot three wedding proposals is a blessing, and to have shot one at Durdle Door is something else! Amrit from London contacted me after finding a photoshoot I had done before, and he spilt the beans about what he was planning in an email! This was to be a covert operation!

Look for the man in the yellow jacket…

As this was now to be my third wedding proposal, I’d had time to think of how I could make them even better and I suggested a plan of action to Amrit! The plan was for Amrit to arrive with Rhia and he would walk up to where two photographers “just happened” to already be taking landscape photos. Myself in a very distinctive yellow jacket. Rhia in her world was simply on a day out to the beach during a weekend away. On arrival, my partner, and second shooter for weddings, asked Amrit and Rhia if they would take a photo of us as a couple, the acting was so good! Rhia took the bait, and Amrit’s eyes lit up! Then to top it off, Rhia asked us for a photo of the two of them after! Gold! CHECK OUT GEORGE AND MADDIE’S WEDDING PROPOSAL.

The mood was set…

On every wedding proposal photoshoot, I’ve done so far, they have all said yes ‘touch wood’ and it has set the mood straight away! The fact that it’s a surprise helps too! When people have time to prepare for photos, you get a different person. When one person knows and the other doesn’t it’s even more exciting! We spent forty-five minutes after the big moment getting some photos around the area! Thank you, Amrit and Rhia for letting me document this day for you! Congratulations!


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Amrit & Rhia took a selfie before they found the two photographers on the hill!

young couple taking a selfie on beach
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