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What a way to kick start 2022 by shooting an alternate wedding in Taunton! The clocks have changed and summertime is here, and so is wedding season. Little did I know what I was in for photographing this little wedding held in Somerset. Mike and Sophia hired me for four hours to shoot their big day. Needless to say, I walked away with a big smile on my fave. Arriving at The Somerset Registration building in Taunton I met and greeted Mike. He was laughing and joking with guests waiting for the arrival of his wife to be.

This is where my smile started to go from ear to ear… the sound of a split-screen camper van heading up the road with Sophia and her bridesmaids. At this point, I am now running around in circles like a kid in a toy shop. After meeting Sophia I carried on with my job, photographing a wedding. The service was fun, full of laughs, and one I won’t forget. Mike raising his hands as he kissed his wife was brilliant. THIS ISNT THE FIRST CAMPER VAN I’VE SHOT AT THIS LOCATION!

Leaving the wedding location we headed about 3 miles out of town to Cheddon Fitzpain. Where the celebrations and photos were to commence. This was where the magic happened. The planning behind this awesome alternate wedding was perfect. Camper van drinks bar, vans shoes, and smoke bombs! This was creativity overload for me. The day flowed perfectly blessed by dry weather and cloud at times to help with even light. I was supposed to leave just before the speeches, but. I couldn’t help stay and capture the moments with the awesome table planning.

Mike and Sophie looked like rockstars, and I’m sure they will feel it flying off to L.A for their honeymoon! I’m so jealous and what an amazing wedding it was. A big congrats to you both! If you are planning an alternate wedding like this DROP ME A MESSAGE HERE! I am a massive fan and drive a classic camper van myself.

This wedding was featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

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