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The year 2020 has been different. So different, it is now Autumn, and I have just photographed my third wedding. I was in Kennford with Sam & Howie for their Devon wedding, surrounded by just their family and closest friends. The Pandemic has squashed a lot of people’s wedding dreams, and the wedding industry. However, that is only if you accept defeat. Sam & Howie did move their wedding into 2021 but decided the time was now, no matter the situation. Either way, they were still a very happy couple who just wanted to get married. And that’s what it’s all about.


Kennford is a small village in South Devon, and it was a lovely little place for their day that was downsized. Downsized intimate wedding parties are becoming more popular and the last smaller wedding I shot was ELIZABETH & IAIN’S SIDMOUTH WEDDING. The colors of Autumn are popping through, and we had a church ceremony. This was my first full day shooting a wedding, and I was so excited. Things aren’t the same, but I tried my best as a photographer to make it feel the same. After the ceremony in KENNFORD CHURCH I made sure we took as many natural light photos as possible. As I said, Autumn is here. At the moment I’m loving orange and yellow in photos, it gives them a warm and cozy aesthetic. Sam and Howie nailed this with the styling.


As the day was reduced to a smaller event’ I’m finding photo opportunities are becoming more unique and available. As a wedding photographer, I can spend much more time photographing couples. Every cloud and all that! We started at the house for prep, and speeches and food were at the local pub after their ceremony. How cool are the images of the first dance in the pub car park?! More unique moments! Under a light rain, my flash picked out all the raindrops. You won’t get that on a dance floor. We aren’t letting this virus stop us! In fact, it’s giving us opportunities. A smaller wedding event might not mean the full-sized bash that you have dreamed of, but if you’re going ahead & hiring a wedding photographer, you will get a much more one to one’ style photo album.

Massive congrats to Sam & Howie. You’re an awesome couple and I loved every second.

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