My name is Benjamin.

Born and raised in Somerset, I joined the armed forces straight from school and served for 5 years, living in Germany and serving in many other countries. Following my career in the forces I worked in various roles struggling to find a sense of achievement, passion and belonging – then photography came into my life and gave me back the drive that I had left behind.
If I am honest I think my passion for photography started years ago; maybe the day I first got my hands on a camera – one of those cameras we all called ‘camera phones’ once-upon-a-time. Just like many of us, I must have snapped hundreds of thousands of impromptu pictures – friends, locations, the dog, too many selfies, and even the car. Well, who hasn’t?

Why photography in the first place?

The one thing I can remember across all this time is friends and family saying how I could take a good photo, with the most common phrase being ‘you have a really good eye’. At first I thought maybe they were just bad at understanding what makes a good picture, but then I thought, ‘maybe I am good at this!’. The feedback I received led me to love and understand that a photograph is more than just a few shapes and colours, thrown into a rectangle. I took the plunge and decided to take it further by purchasing my first Nikon DSLR.

Over the last few years my passion for photography has grown and continues to grow. From the different styles of photography and the different types of equipment to planning, taking the photo and editing it, there is always something to be learnt. Making connections and getting inspiration from other artists, both locally and globally, is key.

There are many styles of photography and even though the foundation of my skills originate from taking photos of the beautiful landscapes our region has to offer, taking photos and working with people is gives me an enjoyment like no other. I get a great sense of happiness and achievement knowing I have provided photos for clients for them to enjoy and cherish for years to come. I have shot numerous weddings within the Somerset and Devon areas, and Im always looking forward to seeing that next venue. And hopefully yours.

Please take a moment to have look through my website; I hope you find a sense of enjoyment on par with what I felt when taking them.

Wedding Photographer
Whoisbenjamin Somerset Wedding Photographer
photographer on a cliff taking a photo

Some kind words…

  • Amazing photographer - we worked on a bridal styled shoot with Ben and he was extremely profesional and the photos are stunning. We shot our entire collection of wedding dresses and worked with multiple models, Ben was diverse in his technique and had all the right equipment for the job. Could not recommend him more. Looking forwards to working together again in the future. Thank you!

    Natalia Natuka

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