Dorset Couple photos With Lily & Joe

bride and groom dancing in long grass meadow

The Coast for me is a vibe. It’s also a place where the colours for a set of photos all fall into place! Charmouth Beach was my chosen location for Lily & Joe’s Dorset couple photos. Lily & Joe are planning to marry in 2021, and they wanted to get used to the camera and my cheesy jokes beforehand. Perfect I said! It’s on the invoice! Having recently started to get into couple’s photoshoots before the lockdown, I started the planning straight away! Outfits, time of day, and the route we would walk. This is all part of the fun for me! JUST LIKE PORTLAND LIGHTHOUSE!

Head for the coast…

The colours of the coast never fail. The blues, oranges and browns. These work well as they have nice earthy colours, and are great for people. The other good thing about the coast is that the look doesn’t change much when the seasons do, shooting inland can look a bit bleak in the winter. And I don’t like mud. Sand, but not mud. Besides, who doesn’t love an excuse to see the sea for an hour!? We started off at the car park end of the beach, and our first backdrop was the beach huts. A must! We then headed along the seafront, and up to the cliff area.

We cut the timing for this shoot very fine, and we achieved this set in about 45mins. By this time it was starting to get dark. It was a lovely warm, September evening and probably one of the last for this year. Autumn has arrived since & the real oranges are calling! My partner Sophie assisted me on this shoot, and she got some cracking second angles of what I was shooting. And they have made this set pop! Can you work out what moments they are? A second photographer is perfect for a wedding day.

Roll on 2021 and for Lily & Joe’s wedding. 2020 is like an underexposed photo at the moment.

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