Coastal Wedding Proposal Portland

Here I am posting my 5th surprise wedding proposal! With 3 more in my emails. They seem to be a thing after all! George CONTACTED ME recently saying he wanted to propose to Maddie in a place special to them. Now we all know in the UK weather reports aren’t always accurate, and today they weren’t. We had thought this day was going to be dry, JUST LIKE STU AND DAISY’S PROPOSAL, but it wasn’t. It rained for the whole photoshoot and this was a first for me. Armed with an umbrella about to break, and just one camera, I could see them approaching in the haze. I was fully committed to this coastal wedding proposal in Portland now and very soaked.

The weather set the scene…

Now at first, I was thinking how am I going to be able to handle this? How can this possibly turn out ok? George & Maddie arrived at the planned location and I made eye contact with George. Maddie wasn’t spooked at all by the weird lone photographer shooting in the rain. This was going down, and so was George on one knee. Holding an umbrella, a camera and trying to wipe the lens of rain is a newly acquired skill. I was limited to the one lens so had to make this work as best as I could. George proposed to Maddie and she said yes! As you can see. Maddie didn’t see it coming and she was smiling with joy. Mission complete.

Let’s get the shots…

After introducing myself to give Maddie some clarity we walked and got some photos of them together. The rain wasn’t even an issue anymore. Except my umbrella was broken and long gone. The mood after a proposal is always a high, and we laughed the weather off together. We all headed to the open ground looking towards the lighthouse and this actually created a nice backdrop to finish the set. The rain wasn’t a bad thing after all.

A big congrats to Maddie and George on their engagement!

stormy seas under grey skies
Portland Bill stormy seas
Coastal Wedding Proposal Portland
man and woman stood near stormy seas
man proposing to woman on rocks near sea
wedding proposal on beach
Coastal Wedding Proposal Portland
man and woman hugging near sea on rocks
Coastal Wedding Proposal near sea
dorset wedding near sea
man hugging woman with long hair near sea
surprise wedding proposal
young couple holding hands in rain near sea
Coastal Wedding Proposal Portland
man and woman sat near beach huts in rain
young couple smiling and laughing sat on rock
woman holding engagement ring
dorset wedding photographer
man and woman walking in rain smiling
man lifting girl up in the air in field
Coastal Wedding Proposal Portland
wedding engagement photoshoot on beach
mand and woman dancing in field in rain
whoisbenjamin wedding photographer
couple photoshoot dorset
woman with engagement ring sat on rock
dorset based wedding photograher
man and woman embracing on beach in rain
wedding engagement photoshoot
Coastal Wedding Proposal Portland
man and woman stood near beach huts Portland

If you would like a surprise proposal shoot just like this then I would love to hear from you.

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