Nettlecombe Court Wedding Photography

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Nettlecombe Court is a little gem hidden away in the hills in West Somerset. It’s the first, and only time to date, I have shot a wedding here. I’m really hoping it’s not the last! Sam and Gemma booked me for their Nettlecombe Court wedding photography back in 2018. The weekend that Sam and Gemma got married was when the South of the U.K had that horrendous wind and rain. A summer storm, and two days of it. The night before we were all a bit worried. However, by 3 pm on the big day, the weather had completely transformed and summer was back! The ceremony did have to be held inside still, as of the slowly dying wind, but I will say, I think it made just as nice photos as if it was outside. I took one of my favourite confetti shots to date.

What was nice about this venue, is that Nettlecombe Court is not actually a wedding venue; it is a field studies council that teaches environmental courses for schools, colleges, and universities. The building and grounds were beautiful and there wasn’t that commercial feel that you might expect from an educational facility.

Something old, something borrowed, something blue

The one thing I will always remember from this day is the flowers. The oranges in Gemma’s hair were a great colour for that little pop needed in a set of wedding photos and she looked lovely. Sam didn’t brush up bad either. I wish Sam and Gemma all the best in their married years to come. You really made me feel like part of your day! Although Nettlecombe Court is not usually a wedding venue, I hope to return here one day! Every little detail was perfect, traditional is the best word I can think of. I really did struggle to get a bad photo! Congratulations to Gemma and Sam

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red and yellow wedding flowers in glass vase
wedding confetti in basket on table
bride having make up applied sat in chair
bride in blue gown
lady at wedding putting on a shoe
man preparing a large table at wedding
vintage wedding dress hanging on a door frame
groom putting on a bow tie
old pair on mens shoes on a rug
groom and his father getting ready before a wedding
bridal party in large bedroom
bride smiling with her bridesmaids
bride with flowers in her hair having make up applied
bride in white dress stood in window light
bridesmaids in green dresses
laughing bride holding champagne glass
bride and bridesmaids stood on wooden stairs
bridesmaids and bride stood in large stair well
brides maids stood on wooden stair case holding flowers
wedding groom smiling waring blue suit with yellow flower
wedding groom smiling with best man
bride in white dress entering room full of wedding quests
bride holding yellow flowers smiling
bride and groom smiling
bride in white dress holding yellow flowers smiling
baby smiling at wedding sat on woman's lap
bride and groom sat near fire place
wedding couple holding hands at ceremony
bride and groom putting on wedding rings
groom putting ring on brides finger at wedding
groom hugging bride at wedding
bride and groom sat smiling on chair in white room
confetti thrown inside large manor house at wedding
wedding confetti throw
wedding confetti throw inside large house
bride and groom kissing in large doorway
bride and groom in large hallway
large mansion wedding venue
bride and groom with wedding ring and yellow flower
bride in white dress holding blue and yellow flowers
smiling wedding couple in the sun
bride waring white dress with flowers in her hair
bride and groom holding hands with wedding rings
bride and groom with friends on lawn
bride and groom stood on green grass
bride and groom stood on lawn kissing during day time
man taking photo on a phone at a wedding
vintage wedding flowers on window sill
man with beard holding little girl in window light
nettlecombe court somerset
men flying a drone at a wedding
two ladies at a wedding smiling in red and yellow tops
chocolate wedding cake with gold mr and mrs letters
bride pouring a glass of chapaigne at wedding table
little boy running in room full of people
laughing bride sat at table with her friends
wedding party drinking tequila shots sat at table
cutting the wedding cake
bride and groom holding each other
bride and groom kissing under the moon
moon in the sky at wedding
wedding dance floor party
indoor firework at wedding on the dance floor
groom and his friend smiling on dance floor




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