Engagement Photos On Portland Bill, Dorset

Engagement photos

The journey of being a photographer is endless and unpredictable. Two big reasons that push me to keep going. Up until very recently, I had only taken photos of a wedding proposal once, and now they seem to be coming in fast! Stu, is a good friend of mine, called me up for the challenge to shoot these engagement photos! I had known that this day was coming for a while. Daisy was oblivious to this moment, and to the fact, she would have a set of engagement photos to go with it!

Set the scene…

Due to the lockdown, the UK was recently put into, the couple shoot had been delayed, and Stu was getting (understandably) impatient. During this weekend I had planned a camping trip in Dorset and thought that Portland just off of Weymouth would be the best place for it to happen. The Lighthouse and rugged coast during sundown would be a winner. I’ve shot here many times so I was confident it would all fall into place.

How did we pull it off…

Daisy was told by Stu that we had just met up on a bank holiday to HANG OUT AND GET SOME PHOTOS. Little did she know what was about to happen. Telling Stu and Daisy to stand near the waters edge casually, I shouted “Omg look at the seal”! It was so good even my partner Sophie fell for it. In fact, I nearly fell for it! Daisy looking away out to sea, Stu was down, down on that knee and proud!

From here the mood was set and the photos were coming in fast! I never thought 3 years ago when first meeting Stu, that this would be happening. The journey is endless and unpredictable and I’m so happy for them both.

Images captured on Nikon d700 & Nikon d850

Portland Bill Dorset
rugged coastline in stormy skies
man proposing to woman on beach near lighthouse
man giving woman engagement ring on beach
woman in white sweater stood near ocean
wedding engagement photos
wedding proposal on beach near lighthouse
man with tattoos kissing woman on beach
green engagement ring
engagement photos
woman smiling and kissing an man on beach
Dorset wedding photographer
man with tattoos hugging woman in white sweater
man hugging woman on rugged coastline
Whoisbenjamin wedding photographer
engagement photos
vans shoes and sandals
woman laughing and smiling on beach
engagement photos
woman crying after wedding proposal
young couple embracing near ocean
moon in blue sky love ocean
engagement photos
man and woman kissing on sandy beach
Dorset engagement photos
wedding engagement ring
tattoos and engagement ring
man with neck tattoos
mand and woman embracing on beach
engagement photos
Portland Bill lighthouse Dorset
young couple hugging on beach
man and woman sat in long grass kissing
man and woman walking holding hands
engagement photos
silhouette of man and woman kissing
engagement shoot somerset
man and woman stood on hill silhouette
nikon d700
silhouette of boy and girl embracing
man and woman stood near lighthouse
Dorset wedding photographer
engagement photos

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