Silk Mills Wedding Frome

Stephen & Christine first contacted me back in 2019 for their SILK MILLS STUDIOS wedding in Frome. This delay due to the pandemic was finally here, and what a day it was! Arriving at Stephen’s house first, I captured the guys getting ready. Always a funny scene watching ties go on. Stephen opening his card from Christine was a big moment. After I headed to the bride’s house. This is where I got excited. Why is this? A classic VW camper and Beetle as the fleet to get them to the venue!

Silk Mills Wedding Venue…

The venue itself was perfect. One of the nicest I have seen, and certainly in a while. With its outside area with soft pastel color surroundings, it was perfect for wedding photos. On arrival, Stephen was stood, slightly anxiously waiting for the sound of that camper engine. Christine had arrived and the buzz of the crowd could be felt. It was long-awaited for so many. The outside ceremony area was perfect for the times, and the weather was on their side. If you are getting married in Frome, defo look up Silk Mills Studios!

Let’s get them shots in…

After the ceremony and confetti throw, we took a stroll through some of the side streets to get some aesthetics. Christine and Stephen were buzzing, also joined on the day by their little Dachsund dog. We headed back to the venue to start the celebrations. One thing I liked was the street food stalls they had instead of a catered meal. Meaning guests could mingle about and enjoy themselves more. Big congratulations to Mr & Mrs. Fox! It was a pleasure being your wedding photographer.

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wedding groom in house putting on tie
wedding groom putting on suit in house
silk mills wedding frome
wedding groom reading letter and smiling
groomsmen in grey suit stood in a line
man in window putting on suit with waist coat
men in grey suits stood outside house laughing
man holding wedding rings in wooden box
wedding table decorations on table
dachshund dog waring bow tie at wedding
custom wedding dress coat hanger in window
wedding dress hanging in window of house
white wedding dress in window of bedroom
Volkswagen camper van t2 at wedding
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classic Volkswagen Beetle with door open
old beetle car outside house during day time
bridesmaid holding wooden sign in house
bridesmaid in green dress walking into garden
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