Couple Photos in Great Wood Somerset

Couple Photos in Great Wood Somerset with Stu & Daisy

I have known Stu for a few years now, and he has watched me progress and learn to take photos. I had never met his partner Daisy before, and they wanted to get some photos together. And who did he call!? I have been getting into taking PHOTOS OF COUPLES even more lately, putting the portrait side to my business to the side for a bit. I racked my brains, (all of them!), and said let’s get some couple photos in Great Wood Somerset. Having never shot a wood themed set before, it was a great chance for me to learn some more!

The Woods in the Quantocks Hills…

GREAT WOOD is roughly halfway between Taunton & Bridgewater. And its impressive! Another amazing backdrop like this is BELLEVER ON DARTMOOR! I had only first seen it in my life around 3 years ago, and wish I had sooner. If you wanted to see all of the area, you would need a few visits and I often get lost myself. I visited the woods the day before to get some air, and to plan a route. During the evenings in the summer, the light will burst through the trees, giving a nice high contrast scene. Visiting the day before, I planned out what areas we could stop at, and what backdrops I could use to mix up the set. In total we walked and took photos for around 2 hours and got a great set! With shoots like this I learn skills to take into my wedding photography. FIND OUT MORE HERE

forrest tree tops
man with hat on running in the woods
forrest plants during day time
forrest plants
man and woman smiling in the woods
man with hat on kissing girl with long hair
woman in denim jacket smiling
man and woman sat on wooden fence in forrest
skull hand tattoo
man with hat on stood in forrest smiling
woman in orange jumper in forrest
man with hat on in forrest during sunset
man and woman sat in long grass kissing
man with tattoos on his hand kissing woman
Couple Photos in Great Wood Somerset
man with tattoos on hands waring hat
man and woman sat in long grass in forrest kissing
man with hat on kissing woman with long hair
Couple Photos in Great Wood Somerset
blue bell flowers in forrest
small white flowers in long grass
man and woman walking in the woods
tall forrest trees during day time
great wood Somerset
man in black shirt with woman in orange jumper
man with tattoos waring a hat
man and woman walking in forrest during sunset
girl in orange sweater sat in long grass
vans shoes in long grass
man and woman stood under large tree
girl in orange sweater stood in forrest
man lifting up woman in black hat
boy and girl dancing in forrest waring hats
man and woman running in long grass
Couple Photos in Great Wood Somerset
Couple Photos in Great Wood Somerset
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young couple sat together on doorstep go house during day timeyoung couple walking in large forrest holding hands