Salisbury Wedding Photographer – Josh & Zita

salisbury wedding

For this wedding, I was heading east to Salisbury. I have never been this far across the south for a wedding yet, and I won’t forget this day. Josh and Zita hired me for half a day and the set I got is one of my favourites so far. We started off at the local church for their uplifting, crowded and noisy ceremony. These two are not short of friends I shall tell you that. Leaving the church the crowd singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ was amazing.

The perfect wedding…

Straight after there was a brilliant ad very long confetti line, I was walking backwards for what seemed like forever. It was so good I nearly said can we do it again. Then, this doesn’t happen often, I was able to travel to the venue with them in the car. This was so much fun. To get the crowd’s reactions and their smiling faces from the front set was brilliant. It really kept the album connected together.

Now Zita had a great idea, and I’m definitely rolling with this again btw, as soon as we were to get to the venue we spend 20mins getting photos of them alone. Genius. How did I never think of this? That way I didn’t have to pull them away from the crowd. And the best bit is they were still on a buzz from getting married,

The half-day I was hired for flew by. I wish I could have stayed. Ugh. This set of images is never leaving my archives! Congtars against to Zosh & Zita. The next day after they were on a plane to South Africa where Zita is from for their honeymoon. Upon looking at her Instagram stories it looks amazing.


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Salisbury wedding
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