Sidmouth Beach Wedding Photography

This was my second wedding shoot of 2019, and I could not have been luckier to have met such a nice couple. Edita and Benjamin had a small 2+2 wedding in Yeovil, where I was asked to be a witness. My services don’t just stop at the camera! After their small ceremony, in Yeovil town, we jumped in the cars and headed off for their Sidmouth Beach Wedding Photography. Here we had a playground of locations to take wedding photographs!

We had planned to spend most of the day on the coast, to get as many photos as possible outside. By the time we had parked up, the grey sky that was present had dispersed. Leaving us with glorious sunshine. With us during the day, we had Edina’s friend, Karolina. She was more than happy to help out by holding the light diffuser I had packed just in case of intense sunlight. Thank you, Karolina!

The Red Cliffs of Sidmouth Beach

We started without set in the gardens close by to the seafront. This was great for us all to get into the swing of having a camera around. After this, we head down to the seafront, where the red cliffs dominate the landscape. Shooting on the coastline for any reason is very inspiring. And to be able to shoot this set was something to always remember. Congratulations to Benjamin and Edita!

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bride with flowers in her hair on beach smiling during day time
smiling wedding couple in white room
groom putting ring on bride with flowers in her hair
man smiling at wedding in blue suit
marriage certificate
bride and groom stood on large stone steps smiling
bride and groom stood kissing on large stone stairway
bouquet of flowers on rear car seat with blue jacket
white curly ribbon on car wing mirror
bride in white dress waring sun glasses laughing in garden
bride snd groom wedding rings
bride and groom holding flowers with rings shining in light
groom kissing his wife on the cheek while she smiles in a garden
bride holding white flowers stood an green lawn
bride waring white dress with white flowers in her hair
bride embracing groom at wedding
groom kissing bride on the forehead
bride and groom stood under pergola in large garden
wedding groom holding bride with wedding ring on finger
boho wedding flowers and white wedding dress
wedding ring on grooms hand and wedding dress
wedding bride in white dress holding green flowers
bride and groom sat on park bench nan summer sun
bride and groom stood in park laughing
bride with white boho flowers in her hair on coastline
bride and groom stood on pier in the sunlight
wedding flowers in brides hair
wedding on beach during summer time
bride and groom on coastline in the sun
smiling bride with flowers in hair in landscape
bride and groom embracing under sun in landscape
similing bride stood on coastline holding flowers
wedding on beach
wedding bride walking down wooden steps in white dress
bride and groom stood on large wooden steps
wedding bride holding white and green flowers
wedding decorations
wedding ring on brides finger
white wedding dress with patterns
bride holding white umbrella
bride stood near beach huts in the sunlight
wedding bride holding white flowers on beach
white and green wedding flowers
champagne bottle and glass
bride and groom drinking champagne on beach
wedding party stood on beach smiling
bride sat on pebbled beach waring black jacket
wedding flowers on beach in sunlight
boho head band
man embracing woman on beach sunset light
bride and groom on beach under sunset sky
bride holding grooms arms on beach with wedding ring
groom putting jacket over brides shoulder on beach
bride and groom on beach during sunset
smiling bride with white flowers in hair
smiling wedding bride flowers in hair
bride and groom stood near red cliffs
bride and groom stood near large red rock formation
bride and groom stood at bottom of red cliff formation
bride waring white dress holding flowers sat on wall
bride and groom sat on wall near ocean
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