Urban Couple Photoshoot in Taunton

The last year has been very quiet for many photographers, so getting out and shooting a fresh set of images has been long-awaited. Shooting, editing, and posting is our kick and process. For a while now, I have wanted to try a set in a non-natural environment. To test my ability. I racked my brains about an urban couple photoshoot and thought of the multi-story car park in Taunton. I’m sure many of you will know it!

Some minor planning…

Keeping an eye on the weather reports, we planned to shoot on an overcast day, to help keep the light soft and even. I also wondered how the new building nearby would look as a backdrop? I thought at first it would look horrendous, but with the sunset bouncing off the windows, it actually looked ok and I’m glad I included it. This has me now wondering what it will look like at night with the lights on when it’s completed. Maybe this could be a future project?

Keeping it fun and clean…

We started to shoot around half-past five, and we got a set in around one hour. When shooting couples I try to keep it fun and light-hearted. Giving simple actions, to help to take the idea of the ‘photoshoot’ away. I had in my list a set of actions, but most go out the window and I return to winging it. I’m learning it’s a big game of luck and skill. Take lots! I took about eight hundred images in this hour and around 90 were delivered. If I had taken ninety, where would we be? My urban couple photoshoot was a success, and I don’t feel I need to rely on beautiful locations SUCH AS PORTLAND IN DORSET,  & actually, a regular environment can be all you need.

urban couple photoshoot taunton
young couple holding hands in car park during day time
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urban couple photoshoot somerset
man lifting up girl in denim jacket in car park
man and woman smiling and holding hands in car park
urban couple photoshoot
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vans and converse shoes
man and woman sat on barrier in car park
girl with long hair waring denim jacket
young couple holding hands waring denim jackets
man and woman embracing in sunset
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man lifting girl into the air and kissing her
man lifting and spinning blonde girl around in car park
urban couple photoshoot
young couple in car park embracing during day time
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somerset wedding photographer
couple photoshoot
man waring vans shoes walking in car park alone
Devon wedding photographer whoisbenjamin
young couple holding hands in car park
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