Dorset Beach Couples Photoshoot

Here we are, all seeming to be emerging from last year’s events. Freedom is on the horizon, and so are weddings….. oh and going to the beach. Dom and Ellen booked me in 2019 for their 2020 wedding in Bournemouth. That is now happening this year, in 2021. Do you feel their anxiety? I’m sure many other couples out there do. Dom and Ellen’s wedding isn’t until the summer, but in the meantime, we met up for a couples photoshoot on Knoll Beach in Dorset.

We just wanted to go to the beach…

After these many months of being stuck inside, we just wanted to get to the coast and get some air. Knoll beach in Studland was amazing for us to meet up. And perfect for a couple’s photoshoot. I had never been here before and I know I will be returning. Right now I have a bit of a thing for sand dunes. The colors of these types of beaches are just great, with nice pastels and clean compositions. JUST LIKE LILY AND JOES PHOTOSHOOT. We arranged to meet nice and early, 9 am, as we just finished shooting the beach started to fill up! By 09:45 it was rammed. The world had descended on this beach. In fact, I look back now and say 9 am was pushing it, as we were only taking photos for 42 minutes. I counted.

Next, the big day…

The next time I will see Dom & Ellen will be for their wedding photography in August. We will be starting in the Poole area for the church service, and then we are heading to Bournemouth for the wedding reception. This is my second wedding in this area and I’m looking forward to it. The last year may have been proper dog s**t, but things feel and are hopefully changing for the best again. Just being able to get out and photograph this set has cheered me up. Knoll beach, what a place!

bride and groom stood in street holding hands
Dorset couples beach photo shoot
man and woman holding hands on beach during day time
man lifting up girl on beach and smiling
man and woman embracing on grey sand beach
beach huts Studland dorset
man and woman sat in long grass during day time
Dorset couples beach photo shoot
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young couple sat in sand dunes smiling
Dorset couples beach photo shoot
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couple holding hands on sandy beach
young couple embracing on beach under the sun
Dorset couples beach photo shoot
man and woman on beach under grey skies
Dorset couples beach photo shoot
dorset wedding photographer whoisbenjamin
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young couple kissing in beach hut
Studland dorset beach huts
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