Surprise Wedding Proposal Dorset

I have known Emily & Drew now for a little while and I always wondered if this day would arrive, and it did! I have taken photos of this awesome couple BEFORE ON THEIR DOORSTEP during the first lockdown, and this moment was what I had been long waiting for. 3 weeks prior to this moment Drew CONTACTED ME saying he wanted a surprise wedding proposal in Dorset. The Cobb was the best backdrop in mind.

Why this location?…

Lyme Regis holds a special place for Emily and Drew, it was where they had their first date together. Suprise proposal photoshoots are always epic with a big backdrop, and this couldn’t have worked out better. During the week before, Drew visited The Cobb to work out the best spot for the big moment. And Emily was with him. This location can be very busy, so we had to time it right. On this Sunday afternoon, the weather wasn’t the best, and this helped keep it clear of people. I arrived 40 mins early to prep my camera gear and find my hiding spot, it was so tense in the run-up.

Emily didn’t have a clue, we did it…

The hardest part of making this work was for me to get down behind them on The Cobb without being spotted. Drew and Emily walked onto the harbor wall as I was hiding and peering from behind a boat. Us photographers are weird. They walked down the wall halfway, and I had briefed Drew to keep Emily looking forward at all times! My cover could not be blown or it may have been a bit awkward. Making it down behind them running, cameras swinging on my harnesses, Drew put his thumb up behind his back to signal me. We made it! The moment had arrived. Emily looking out to sea turned around to see her now fiance kneeling holding out her engagement ring! Look at that smile! Congratulations to Emily and Drew! Let the wedding planning commence. I shall let the photos do the talking from here on…

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