Polhawn Fort Wedding Photography, Cornwall

Tom and Leonie got married at POLHAWN FORT WEDDING VENUE near Tor Point, Cornwall. This venue is one il never ever forget. I love the coast. The colours, the noises and even the sea air. When I shoot near water or the coast, a lot of inspiration is drawn. This was for me, in memory also, was one the sunniest days of the summer. From morning until night, skies were blue. The heat also made it feel like we were abroad. This was a big wedding to handle, and it went so smoothly.

I had my friend Drew shoot this wedding with me as Tom and Leonie requested and second shooter also. This is great to capture all the things I may miss. Polhawn Fort is a large venue. Tom prepared for his big day in a nearby village, and Leonie got ready at the venue. After the lovely church ceremony, we headed to the venue. On arrival the first think you felt was how close the sea was.

The evening of this wedding there was a sunset you only get in Cornwall, the glow, the calm. Guests where stood in awe, G&T in hand watching it roll in. Before this moment, while we had some light left, we made the most of the sun on the beach below the fort. This was what really made it a Cornish wedding for me.

As the night came to an end, to was time for myself to head back to Somerset, and leave Tom and Leonie to enjoy the rest of the night. I did not want to leave, as they even offered for me to stay and drink. Im still saving up for camper van, to be able to enjoy the beautiful places I shoot wedding in a little bit more.

Polhawn Fort Wedding
silhouette of people with red sky
flowers and jackets hanging on fire place
Polhawn Fort
man doing up a blue tie
man crying at wedding waring blue waistcoat
groomsmen standing in English street smiling during day time
bride doing make up in window light
bride and her mum smiling
bride in bedroom
Wedding shoes
Polhawn Fort Wedding Photography
bride with engagement ring in white dress
triumph classic car
classic car window
cornwall coast line wedding
classic wedding car in field during day time
bride and her father stood next to classic car in a field
bride and groom at church alter
wedding ushers sat in church
bride and groom getting married in church
bride and groom standing at church alter
Polhawn Fort Wedding Photography
wedding decoration ideas
girl and her grandad at wedding
bride and groom polhawn fort Cornwall
bride and groom embracing in garden under large tree
bride and groom laughing and smiling under tree during day time
bride and groom polhawn fort Cornwall
Polhwan Fort Wedding Beach Cornwall
bride and groom on beach at sunset
bride and groom on beach kissing during sunset
bride and groom laughing near the sea during sunset
bride in white lace dress stood looking out to sea on hill
bride and groom looking out to sea on a hill
Polhawn Fort
sunset polhwan fort wedding venue

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