Maunsel House Wedding Photography with Sarah and Giles

Maunsel House is situated between Taunton and Bridgwater. The venue was chosen very wisely by Sarah and Giles, and I can now see why. With its spectacular gardens complete with Peacocks and Doves, courtyards, and bridal room. It’s a venue to definitely consider. They knew what they were going for, and they hired me for their Maunsel House Wedding Photography! I was so pleased!

Giles, who is is from London, and Sarah is from just outside of Taunton. So this was very at home for Sarah, and away from the hustle and bustle of the capital for Giles. I spent all day at Maunsel House from morning till night. I always remember the bridal prep room, and its vintage feel. Not to mention the courtyard doves, which can be used as a photo opportunity! Ask nicely and a large bucket of birdseed can be used to attract them! So cool!

A wedding in the countryside…

The gardens of the venue are plenty. For photos, this is amazing as you’re not short of space to use. Nearby there is a small plot filled with farm animals, meaning it’s very country here. Their ceremony is held under a flower-lined pergola outside, just behind the house. They can also be held inside or on the lawn.

One awesome addition to this location is the armory. Sorry, I meant bar. The large collection of decommissioned rifles and guns is great fun for guests to play with. If that’s your thing! Great for keeping guests occupied, guns and booze! Tick in the box! The venue’s owner Sir Benjamin Slade has a very unique and alternate taste! You have to see it!

I wish Sarah and Giles all the best in married ahead, you’re a great pair! Thank you for having me as your wedding photographer for you’re Maunsel House Wedding!


bride and groom sat on swing under large tree
maunsel house wedding venue
groom getting ready in hotel room
wedding dress hanging on wardrobe
wedding purse on table on window light
Bridesmaids styling their hair at wedding
bridesmaid laughing near bed in hotel room
wedding make up artist and bride
wedding bride having her hair styled in bedroom
bride and her mum both smiling
bride looking into mirror and smiling
wedding bride having her har styled with hair spray
wedding shoes on a chair
colourful wedding flowers on a table
best man holding wedding rings in wooden box
wedding groom hugging a guest
man at wedding drinking from silver hit flask
men stood talking at wedding on gravel driveway
bridesmaids opening gift on a bed
bride smiling with her bridesmaids
brides first look with dress on
wedding bride hugging her mum and smiling in hotel
lady opening a gift and smiling
bride showing lady her wedding flowers
groomsmen smiling and laughing on lawn during day time
bride sat on red chair holding flowers
bride stood with her mum and dad at alter
Bride and groom stood under pergola
bride and groom sat on chairs laughing
groom putting wedding ring on brides finger
bride and groom kissing
bride and groom cheering at wedding
bride and groom both laughing and smiling
bride and groom both smiling
confetti throw at wedding
rose petal wedding confetti
bride and groom wedding confetti throw
wedding confetti throw maunsel house somerset
jazz band at wedding
man with grey beard playing saxophone
three tier wedding cake
little girl in white dress on a wooden swing
peacock walking in courtyard
Bride and her bridesmaids stood outside of house
groomsmen stood laughing in a line
couple both hugging and laughing at wedding
bride and groom walking on lawn
large boho wedding flowers
man and woman smiling laughing at wedding
wedding rings
bride and groom stood in pergola kissing
bride and groom sat on a large wooden swing
Maunsel House Wedding
bride and groom with white doves flying around them
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