Wedding Dress Photography In Bath, Somerset

Styled shoots are a great way to connect with other local vendors and develop photography skills. I have only ever been part of a shoot like this once before, so I was once again learning fast and having fun. I was asked to shoot some wedding dress photography by a local vendor in Bath City.

Number Three in Bath was the chosen venue for this shoot,  and it was hosted by Abigail Constanza who is a southwest-based bridal hairstylist, and also Eleanor Nancy, a wedding makeup artist. On arrival, I was shown the space I had to work with. The rooms in building Number Three are large, white, and relatively spacious. The task was to produce images as clutter-free as possible, yet deliver high-quality photographs.

The flowers that really made this photoshoot pop, were supplied by Blomme, a botanical artist based in Bath. Incorporated by some amazing-looking dresses supplied by E&W COUTURE

A photoshoot like this for me is a great learning event. I had limited space to work with, and winter daylight hours. By 16:00 it was pretty much dark, and it was also overcast. This is where my flash photography had to come into play. Flash is something I am currently learning and I can see how much impact it can have. For weddings, this is a great skill to have for sure! A lifeline.

Rachel Anne Kiley and Daryll Sargeant modelled the dresses and flowers supplied. The one thing learned from this photoshoot is that with the correct lighting, anything can be achieved at night. As the shoot progressed, the photos got better and better. For myself, being a more outdoorsy shooter, I was pleased with the outcome.

Dresses Supplied by

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