Clovelly Village Wedding Photography

Clovelly Village in Cornwall is what I would call a hidden gem. Located on the north side of the county, Devon. The Village itself winds down the 400ft cliff, to the harbour below. The cobbled streets, with no vehicle access lined with cottages and beautiful plants. This was no doubt a brilliant location for a styled shoot.

Florin and Liuba, who are actually married had never posed for a group of photographers before. So this styled shoot for them was new, as it was for me. This was my first time at Clovelly Village, and I was so surprised I had never seen it. I knew as soon as I arrived I was going to return to the village, and I have twice since.

A hidden gem on the Devon coastline…

This Clovelly Village Wedding Photoshoot started at the top of the village, near the entrance. We worked our way down through the village narrow main street, stopping outside the cottages, and their gardens in bloom. Florin and Liuba were so good on camera. The day before I had purchased an 85mm prime lens, and that’s what my whole set was shot on, a great lens for weddings. 395 photos I took in total, and still, now I cherish them and will never delete them.

At the bottom of the Village, is the harbour. This is where the backdrop completely changes, making you feel like you’re in a movie set. As we arrive at the harbour, we noticed the sun had disappeared, and the temperature had dropped. That was because we were lucky enough to have sea mist rolling in. This adds a great atmosphere to photos, and diffuses the sun, giving us a nice even light. The day was just getting better all the time.

Shot on Nikon D750 and  Nikon 85mm 1.8D

rustic wedding on beach
Clovelly Village Wedding Photoshoot
bride and groom laughing
bride and groom boho flowers
wedding bride holding pink flowers
wedding bride smiling with flowers
wedding couple kissing
boho wedding bride with flowers Iin her hair smiling
bride and groom holding hands
bride and groom in garden
wedding couple hugging
bride and groom smiling
bride and groom embracing together smiling
bride and groom sat on bench
boho wedding bride with flowers Iin her hair smiling
bride and groom sat smiling
wedding clovelly village England
bride and groom in street
wedding couple stood in doorway
bride and groom holding each other close
bride and groom sat with boho flowers
bride and groom on rocky beach
wedding groom sat on beach
bride and groom kissing on a beach
groom lifting up bride on a beach
boho wedding bride with flowers Iin her hair smiling
wedding on a rocky beach
bride and groom stood near a waterfall
wedding on a beach with waterfall
wedding couple stood next to a waterfall
Clovelly Village
bride and groom holding sparklers on beach
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