Wedding Photos In Aller, Somerset

The great thing about living in Somerset is we are blessed with some of the most beautiful backdrops. The countryside is the main feature, and this is what we had here for Sarah & Wayne’s wedding photos. This summer’s day wedding started and finished in the little village of Aller, in Somerset. I knew straight away when planning in my head some of the wedding photos I wanted to get. As Sarah & Wayne lived near a set of fields, this was on my list!

In fact, they live a short walk from the Church, the pub, and the fields I had in mind. This was going to work out well. The ceremony in the church was perfect, greeted by slightly cloudy weather upon leaving was a good thing. Soft light helps my camera expose for a photo better, also giving more accurate colors in your wedding photos. Cloud on a wedding day is not a bad thing! It’s a good thing. Photographers can actually hope for this.

After shooing the formals outside the church we walked through the fields of Aller and took lots of photos. This was actually a first for me, and I don’t think the farmer would have minded. One thing I like to do is ask the groom to carry and hold the flowers for a while. It’s just a look I dig that can look awesome and slightly editorial in a set of wedding photos. I think Wayne rocked this well.

The southwest of England is a beautiful place, so if you are planning a wedding like this, no matter big or small then please DROP ME A MESSAGETell me all the details and plans that you may have so far.

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