Engagement Photoshoot – Great Wood, Somerset

photoshoot in somerset

In the run-up to a wedding, it can be a great idea to have yourself a photoshoot as a couple to get used to being in front of a camera. It can make a big difference on the day when it arrives. Jake & Chelsea hired me to shoot their wedding and they had this exact idea. When planning a photoshoot like this, outfits and any props can really help. Now, for this set of photos Jake’s pickup truck is the biggest prop I’ve had yet! What an effort.

My preferred, or most used location is normally the coast, but we wanted to do something different so we chose Greatwood in the Quantock Hills. Chelsea and Jake were getting married at QUANTOCK LAKES WEDDING VENUE so the location suited well for this. Using Jake’s truck for this was great fun. I had lots of angles to work with to capture them together. One moment that made the photoshoot was Chelsea shaking a bottle of champagne while sitting on the roof. This made a brilliant photo to say they are getting married.

With it being the middle of summer the wood was in full bloom. After shooting in and around the truck we headed to find some long grass to get some depth of field shots. It’s always good to try and mix a few backdrops. Jake & Chelsea absolutely played the camera well and we took a lot of photos. I cant show them all in a blog post but the ones attached are some of my favorites.

If you are looking for a photo shoot just like this DROP ME A MESSAGE AND LET’S GET PLANNING! It’s all part of the fun! It’s never anything serious these shoots are fun and relaxed. I take around 2000 photos in 45mins and you won’t even realize it’s happening.

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