Portrait Engagement Photoshoot

portrait photoshoot

Portrait photoshoots for couples who have just got engaged are great fun. They can be the perfect way to remember and document your special life event. I met with Yazmie & Rob in Slapton, Devon. This is the beach where Rob proposed in the winter. GEORGE PROPOSED TO MADDIE ON A DORSET BEACH. We had planned to meet at 19:30, to hopefully catch a sunset, as a low light can make a set of photos really pop. What we did arrive at was a potential thunderstorm. This worked well. Thick clouds during the evening really helped my cameras expose the colours of the environment.

For portrait photos like this with couples, a little planning with outfits goes a long way. Rob & Yaz read my brief via Instagram DM’s well, and they nailed it! The posing of the photos themselves was new to them, so I was there to help. For this photoshoot, I wanted to try giving directions to keep them busy, as opposed to just standing still. I asked them to hold hands and lift their arms up and down, like a little dance.  I also asked Rob to give Yaz a piggyback, on the stones as I knew this would be tricky. The objective of this was to create laughter and responses, giving me a moment to photograph quickly.

We did this for about 50 minutes, and I captured about 1200 images in total. This gives me lots to work with for their gallery. I was also assisted by Eloise on the day who was taking photos with a short zoom lens from the side. Some of those photos are on this blog. I am so pleased with the outcome of this portrait shoot, as a photographer, I learned a lot about posing for couples. Big congrats to Yaz & Rob!

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