Moody Lightroom Preset Pack



After much demand from the Instagram community I created my first ever preset pack. This pack contains 7 Lightroom presets that will be a great base edit for your moody, outdoor portrait photos. My personal favourite, and most widely used “The Surround”.

The before and after examples shown are with the preset applied only. No further photoshop editing is shown as most photographers will do. No false advertising.

These are honest examples applied to a RAW image. 

Preset 1  The Open.xmp

Preset 2 The Inside.xmp

Preset 3 The Closed.xmp

Preset 4 The Surround.xmp

Preset 5 The Over.xmp

Preset 6 The Under.xmp

Preset 7 The Folk.xmp

Used most effectively in natural earthy enviroment’s as seen at Instagram: @whoisbenjamin. They have been created and tested by myself for overcast and low lighting conditions.

These presets are only compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC

The file format of the presets is .xmp, which was introduced with the update to Lightroom Classic 7.3 (April 2018) . Due to the nature of the product being digital once purchased REFUNDS CANT BE GIVEN. These presets will work on jpegs and raw file images. Please monitor your junk folder as the email could land in there.

  • Read me file included with installation steps
  • Support with installation and any queries available via email or Instagram available.