A Somerset Wedding Proposal Photoshoot with Gary & Tiffani

wedding proposal photoshoot

When Gary emailed me to ask for a wedding proposal photoshoot, I was so pleased and replied, when!? This for me was the first time I had an enquiry like this, and my creativity levels had shot up once again! I had been waiting for a moment like this, and so had Gary! Tiffani knew the shoot was happening, but it was recently her birthday, and that’s how the shoot was disguised! Clever thinking by Gary. I couldn’t believe this was going to be a part of my COUPLE SHOOT PORTFOLIO.


We had a week of sun and intense heat during August, and we had hoped for this to continue for the set of images. On the day of the shoot however it had started raining. We didn’t let this put us off! It had stopped in the afternoon, leaving grey skies. I arrived at Crowcombe on the hills, only to be greeted with thick fog! This can make or break a photo shoot, and today I had to make it work! Gary and Tiffani arrived, and we looked at each other and laughed. “Well, at least it’s not raining“ we said. We started walking around, like three lost people in the mist, perfect!


After 30 mins of talking and shooting, Gary gave me the signal that he was prepared to pop the big question! I found a backdrop and location for him to drop down on that knee! I backed off with my 24mm lens to capture the scene and he asked Tiffani to marry him. The smile she gave and hug that followed told me everything. She said yes! Massive congratulations to them both, this was a shoot i’ll never forget!

All images captured on Nikon d700

Bump Shoot In The Golden Light Of Longrun Meadow

man and woman stood in mist on hills
wedding proposal photoshoot
man kissing woman in misty landscape
man and woman embracing on foggy mountain
man in blue shirt kissing woman with red hair
out of focus photo
man kissing woman in grey landscape
man and woman holding hands on green landscape
long exposure of people walking
wedding proposal photos
man kissing woman on head on green hill
man proposing to woman in fog
wedding proposal photoshoot
woman in white dress kissing man in blue shirt
man in blue shirt asking woman to marry him
man putting engagement ring on womans finger
woman waring glasses kissing man
woman in white dress smiling on mountain
man and woman hugging in fog
wedding proposal
man and woman walking holding hands
engagement ring
man and woman holding hands in fog
silver engagement ring
long exposure wedding photos
man and woman smiling and kissing
wedding proposal
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