A Wedding Photographer With A Camper Van

Over the last 4 years my journey to become a wedding photographer has had its ups and downs. One of my main drives that has always  pushed me was my dream to one day own a Volkswagen camper van. When I say dream, I thought about it most nights while falling asleep! Day and night I imagined it. Recently I found myself in the position to buy a classic VW T25, and to finally become a wedding photographer with a camper van!

Dreams can come true…

At long last my dream has become a reality and I cannot tell you how amazing it felt when I had the keys in my hand. Camper vans give people as sense of independence and freedom like no other! For a photographer a van isn’t just a vehicle its a battery charger, a canteen and a mobile living / sleeping room. Otherwise known as H.Q! Being able to travel about and take photos while being in a little home on wheel goes hand in hand! For WEDDINGS this is going to be a god send. No more late drives home, and more opportunities for me to explore the areas I visit afterwards! Gathering more content keeping my heart content!

Lets hit the road…

My first adventure away to get used to my 37 year old classic was in and around Dorset with my partner Sophie. Getting used to driving a left hand drive was my first task! This wasn’t a new thing for me however, as I had driven vehicles like this while in the British Army based in Germany. Once again I was having fun! I visited Portland where I am obsessed with the lighthouse and Pulpit Rock. Another great location is Wareham Forrest. All perfect for those scenic camper drives and photo opportunities! The long awaited feeling of being able to edit the days photographs with the window open, looking out towards the sea has arrived!

man driving vw camper van
man leaning out of camper van window
Volkswagen t25 camper van
red and white lighthouse under grey skies
red vw camper van
ocean waves crashing over rocks in storm
sea thrift under grey sky
girl waring black cap holding camera
vw t25 camper van
man in black cap with tattoos holding camera
girl sat on ground holding camera
man waring black cap holding dslr camera
wedding photographer with a camper van
sleeve tattoos
wedding photographer with a camper van
t25 Westfalia camper van
girl sat in doorway of camper van on beach
girl in yellow top sat in camper van
red vw camper van on beach
tattooed wedding photographer in uk
wedding photographer with a camper van
girl sat on ground next to red vw camper van
girl sat in van with wind blowing her hair
wedding photographer with a camper van
wedding photographer with a camper van
pop top camper van
man waring vans shoes in camper van
blue ocean waves on stoney beach
white fila shoes on stoney beach
girl with hair blowing in wind on a beach
man in levis jacket throwing stone on beach
girl in large sweater walking on beach
ocean waves on shore
man in black cap with blue denim jacket
selfie photo with a dslr
wedding photographer with a camper van
boy and girl hugging on windy beach
wedding photographer with a camper van
girl sat in long grass with orange polka dot top
girl in orange top laid in long grass
wedding photographer with a camper van
van in window of camper van
bumble bee in long grass
man waring sweater sat in long grass
forrest trees
man wallking in forrest with camera
man sat on log in forrest holding camera
red volkswagen t 25 in forrest
man waring cap in sunset field
girl waring cap sat in camper van
car leaning out of car window at sunset
vw t25 on coast during sunset
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