Why Two Wedding Photographers Is A Great Idea

two wedding photographers

Reason 1 : The Details

Wedding days can be hectic! From the moment the make up artist arrives, to when the DJ packs up, a lot can happen. Hiring one photographer is, of course a great idea, but why would you want two wedding photographers? My first reason for this has to be those extra details. My go two second photographer, is my partner Sophie, a girl. Both capturing images of your wedding decor, the environment & small sentimental items you may have used. Together we can collect twice as many detail photos, but also in a male and female perspective. Win win!

two wedding photographers
female wedding photographer

Reason 2 : We can split up

At most weddings there will be party for the bride, and a party of people for the groom. During the morning when preparation is underway, some very intimate and memorable photos can be taken. With two wedding photographers we can split up if needed, giving you more, and equal attention. Making sure as many moments as possible are documented in your wedding album. I can have banter with the lads, and Sophie can talk hair and dresses with the Bride. SOPHIE HELPED ME RECENTLY ON THIS DEVON WEDDING. This can be with all aspects of the day!

female photographer at a beach wedding

Reason 3 : Creative Overload

As a photographers taking photographs we are constantly trying to be on the ball with being creative. At times, like a computer our brains can run out of RAM. It can hit us like a brick. With a second a shooter we can at times, step back let it pass, and let the other photographer take over. Trust me, this has been a thing with myself. Working as a team at we can back each other up with ideas, helping us to produce better images.

nikon d850 camera
two wedding photographers

Reason 4 : The Angles

One example for this could be when the bride enters the church to walk down the aisle to see her groom. Myself can already be upfront snapping the groom waiting and bantering. While the second shooter is snapping the bride outside about to walk in. Two angles covered of the same situation! This can also be for speeches. Myself covering the main table, and the second shooter on a zoom lens capturing guests in the moment.

girl dancing on beach holding camera
girl with long hair in golden sunset

Reason 5,6,7 : Its goes on and on

We can bring a lot of equipment with us on the day. “Oh, my camera battery is about to die” My trusted second photographer is always there to throw me a lifeline and pass me a new one, while then putting the other on charge! See! Setting up and getting flash equipment from the camper van takes time. Not anymore! This is also helps speed up time massively helping to prepare for the evening party. Finally my other main reason is we all need a hype man! 3 is a crowd and 4 is a team. With Sophie helping me shoot she can laugh at my cheesy jokes. Making other people laugh. Keeping the mood flowing nicely. So many reasons as to why you need two wedding photographers!

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