The Village of Clovelly in North Devon is a beautiful hidden little place. Its a small village in the Torridge District of Devon. With is cobbled streets and Harbour at the bottom over looking the Bristol channel its a playground for photos. I have been here twice now, and on the both times I arrived it was overcast and misty. I love this type of mood as the light is diffused and it gives a sense of being on a movie set. My second trip here was to meet Kyi from Cornwall. We arrived during the morning and we walked our way down through the misty village not knowing where the end was. We shot along the way until we reached the harbour at the bottom. There is also a water fall located on the beach, and it is a an amazing backdrop also. I will be returning here for sure many times in the future. The mist of Clovelly is something not to be missed.

The mist of Clovelly
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