Self Timer Couple Photography

self timer couple photography
woman in dress holding nikon d700 camera

Ever wondered if photographers ever want photos themselves? We do but when we do, we use the self-timer function on our cameras and set up our tripods!

My girlfriend Sophie and I are always out and about taking photographs of each other, nature, WEDDINGS and other people but we’ve never really got many pictures of ourselves together. So we packed up the car and went on a mini-adventure through the Quantock Hills over to Kilve Beach, Somerset. We had a go at self timer couple photography!

Like everyone, we both have our own shooting styles and it’s always a chance for us to teach each other new things and experiment with different compositions, light and environments but we are both huge fans of shooting natural candid photography in rural locations. So the Quantocks and Kilve Beach gave us two different settings to play with.

The Quantock Hills &  Somerset Coast

The Quantock Hills have their own form of micro-climate and it really is luck of the draw as to what you will get there. Some days, the sun blazes over the heathland and you can get some absolutely stunning sunsets there where the light floods in. Other days, it can be way more moody with fog sweeping in, rain drizzle and a lovely diffused light. I prefer the moody days, purely because it can set the scene, the light doesn’t produce harsh shadows on the subject’s face and it really showcases the drama of this location.

Kilve beach on the other hand, is a lovely rugged coastline with blue grey and golden cliffs – just watch out for the tide and always plan a shoot for when the tide is going out rather than coming in! It’s a pebble beach with fossils and interesting rock formations and you can see across to Minehead, Brean Down and South Wales. There are also plenty of fields with long grass on the way down. Long grass can be really lovely to give a great depth of field to an image and we were in luck!

How did we do it?

We set the tripod up, put it on self-timer and just had fun! When you’re behind a camera, you’re in control of every shot, you focus and then shoot so self-timed photos mean you lose a bit of control and even though you set up the aperture, the iso and exposure and aim towards you, it’s still a bit hit and miss as to what you’re going to get. I started by looking through the view finder and asking Sophie to move away and towards the camera so that I knew we would be positioned in a way that I wanted – full body, small people in the landscape and half body, in close shots and then I joined her. You can both hear and see the shutter close and we did bursts of 20 and then went over to see what we got and just repeated.

There were a lot of outtakes but we also got some shots that you could have taken, had one of us been behind the lens rather than both of us in front of it. We also collected a variety of small detailed shots along our walk and these kind of images can be great to set a scene and are so important to include in my clients’ portfolios. This shoot was no different to what we would usually shoot – documentary, relaxed and fun. Self timer COUPLE PHOTOGRAPHY is great way for any new couple shooters to learn from the angle of being a model too!

man and woman stood on moor under grey skies
self timer couple photography
whoisbenjamin wedding photographer
man waring beanie hat stood on hill under grey skies
self timer couple photography
wedding photographer in Devon
horse walking through forrest under grey skies
forrest plants
woman waring hat holding camera
wild horse quantock hills Somerset
wild horse running on hill
wild horse running on moor during storm
nikon d850 camera
self timer couple photography
taunton wedding photographer
self timer couple photography
self timer couple photography
self timer couple photography
woman in black dress walking in long grass
man and woman stood in long grass
self timer couple photography
nikon camera
man with ruck sack stood in field
man climbing over farm gate
woman in dress stood on beach smiling
man and woman on stoney beach laughing
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kilve beach somerset
man and woman dancing on beach
man and woman hugging and smiling
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nikon camera and brown strap
nikon d850
whoisbenjamin family photographer somerset
woman waring black hat laid in long grass
man with tattoos and grey beanie hat
kilve beach somerset
bumble bee on purple flower
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