Pre Wedding Couple Shoot with Sam & Howie

Sam and Howie met 3 years ago and are getting married next year at Double Locks in Exeter. We met up for a pre-wedding couple shoot at the beautiful Devonshire location of Bellever!

Woods, Rivers and Lovers

I myself had been here once before with friends and Howie had also visited in the past. It’s such a great place for a couple’s photo shoot – tall trees, rocks, tree logs next to a winding river – it’s just stunning! Sometimes if you’re really lucky, the sun pours through the trees and bathes the little glade in a golden light. This didn’t happen for us this time but we still got some amazing shots. The landscape speaks for itself. Dartmoor was perfect!

Arranging the Shoot

When we arranged our shoot, I suggested that it was semi-styled and a folky dress code. Giving ideas before a shoot can be great for everyone involved and it means that there won’t be any clashing colours on the day and nobody will be disappointed with the photos. I find that neutral, earthy tones work the best for portraits involving landscapes but that’s a personal preference. Sam wore a floaty bohemian dress with a leather jacket and Howie wore the shoes he will wear on his actual wedding day!

Bellever is amazing and there are so many different areas that provide different backdrops, so we parked up and headed through the woods, took a walk down to the riverside and then back into more open ground. We wanted to make the most of this place and I alternated between capturing the lovebirds small in the landscape and also their intimacy up close. I love variety in shots and wanted to provide them with a gallery that told a story of their mini-adventure.

A particularly special engagement ring

I love taking shots of the engagement rings with the couple’s hands falling naturally in a position of unity, but Howie’s is particularly special as it was his grandad’s and will be engraved before the big day.

pre wedding couple shoot
pre wedding couple shoot
woman in black hat waring glasses
man and woman sat on fallen tree kissing
woman with yellow hair smiling
pre wedding couple shoot
man with long hair kissing woman
bellever dartmoor devon
devon wedding photographer
pre wedding couple shoot
man with silver rings on hands
man and woman hugging and smiling
whoisbenjamin couples photographer
brown leather shoes on green grass
man and woman walking in the woods
man and woman dancing near river
bellever dartmoor devon
man jumping onto rock in river
man and woman hugging and smiling
man and woman stood on rock in river
blue diamond engagement ring
man with long hair walking on log
pre wedding couple shoot
man holding woman up in the air in forrest
forrest trees at night time
devon wedding photographer
pre wedding couple shoot
man in denim jacket walking in the woods
man and woman stood moor during day time
woman waring black glasses stood in field
somerset wedding photographer
man and woman standing in open moor
young couple embracing in field during day time
engagement ring
devon couples photographer
big engagement ring
bellever couple shoot devon
pre wedding couple shoot
man and woman dancing in forrest
pre wedding couple shoot
man with long hair hugging woman in black jacket
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