Portrait Photography With George at Kilve Beach

Portrait photography has been a big passion of mine outside of WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY, so its nice to be able to finally post some I took while out with a friend recently. WHOISBENJAMIN INSTAGRAM PORTFOLIO. Because not all work has to be serious right!? Taking photographs real time can be stressful, and I wanted to get out and take some photos no strings attached. Nice and chilled out, visit the beach click some shots. Surly thats how it should be all the time?

The Coast Lit Up…

Somerset in the UK has a limited coast line, most of it being the Bristol Channel, muddy and silty. KILVE BEACH is one the beaches that stands out, so thats where we headed. Upon arrival we headed go the beach only to be greeting by one of the most spectacular sunsets I have seen in a long time! This made my day and we only about 45 mins until sunset, so I had to move fast. I was shooting with two Nikon d700 cameras, with a 35mm and 85mm lens. We started higher up near the cliff edge, and worked out way down to the beach.

Time for me to step into the frame…

Now one thing I can tell you, is most photographers hate having their photo taken. But during this day, at this time, at this location I had to let George attempt some portrait photography with me! As when else am I going to get half decent photos for my website? I passed George the 35mm and he took straight to it! I didn’t with the posing however, but I was happy the backdrop was making up for it! After shooting here we headed up to the Quantock Hills. To a spot I know of where I have shot many times before. Just before dark we managed to get a few extra photos for the gallery!

man walking in long grass
portrait photography
man in orange hoody on beach
portrait photography
somerset photographer
man sat in long grass waring hoodie
wedding photographer
portrait photos
kilve beach somerset
male portrait photography
somerset photographer
man walking on beach at sunset
golden sunset on beach
somerset photographers
taunton photographer
portrait photography
whoisbenjamin wedding photographer
man waring orange hobo jack hoodie
orange hobo jack hoodie
quantock hills somerset
portrait photographer
male portrait photos
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