Panasonic Lumix S1r Photography with Lumix UK

Panasonic U.K contacted me through Instagram in January 19. They had been searching for two photographers that fitted a certain criteria. I was so pleased to have received an email from them! Unknown at first, the other photographer they had contacted was a friend of mine. What were the chances of that!? He is also a portrait photographer with a big following. We where invited out to Barcelona, for the the seminar and release of their new cameras. The Lumix S1 and S1r. Here Il share some of my Panasonic Lumix S1r photography.

While attending this event and meeting the Panasonic U.K team, they offered us to test their new cameras. And asked us if there was anything they could do to help us with this. Now we wanted to test these cameras properly, no half measures! We offered to use our Instagram accounts to promote the new cameras, while shooting with models along the way! We wanted to make a video also, that is still in production, so we invited our friend Alice out with us. She also joined us on the wedding we shot in Bulgaria.

Two weeks to explore California…

We immediately planned a trip around the west coast state. Starting in L.A, heading up through Las Vegas, Death Valley National Park, through to Yosemite National Park. With a final city stop in San Francisco. We connected with model in local areas via our Instagram accounts, so we could shoot portraits on the LUMIX CAMERAS while Alice used her videographer skills filming. We drove down some of the most beautiful roads in the world. This for us being creatives was very inspiring. I can clearly see now was California is such a creative part of the world.

Our final run back down The 1, or route one was a coastline road like no other. Its just over a 1000 km long of ocean and highway. I plan on redoing this route during 2021 in reverse order while meeting other local photographers that I am connected with on Insta.

All images taken on the Lumix S1R 24-105mm f4 and 50mm f1.4 S range

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco
roys cafe Route 66 California
man and woman driving a car down highway in the sun
man on dusty highway next to police car in the sun
young woman with long hair sat next to fuel pump in sunlight
motel sign in the desert under blue sky
train going through the desert under blue sky
Panasonic Lumix S1r
California road trip photography
man sat near fuel pump roys cafe Route 66
girl holding bottle of beer in the sun
girl with red hair and white dress stood near rose bush
girl with straw hat on stood near red rose bush
roys cafe motel Route 66
purple sunset over mountains
llas vegas strip at night with lights
Las Vegas Nevada
long exposure night trails in city
woman stood in Las Vegas strip at night
long exposure night time photography
man running along highway in desert and jumping
car wing mirror with refection on desert highway
man in red shorts taking a photo in the desert
man in blue shorts stood in desert
girl in yellow dress stood in desert with camera
man landing a drone his hands
man running and jumping in desert
salt flats death valley national park
man and woman walking on desert salt flats
man in white t shirt holding a large camera in desert
Panasonic Lumix S1r
girl with black glasses stood near purple plants
girl standing near Santa Monica pier Los Angelas
orange sunset over California desert
man in white t shirt stood in road
woman taking a photo of man at bottom of large mountain
desert landscape under sunny sky
large lake under sunny sky
green landscape near edge of large lake
green landscape under clear blue sky
American highway under clear blue sky
mountains in rear window of suv
woman holding map in passenger seat of car
Yosemite national park on a sunny day
man holding large camera stood near cliff edge under a tree
half dome Yosemite national park with blue sky
man standing at top of mountain under sunny sky
Yosemite national park yellow lines on road
half dome Yosemite national park
squirrel stood on a rock in forrest
water fall Yosemite nation park in summer
man stood on concrete steps in shadows of building
man stood on concrete steps with black shirt on
walking in purple shirt walking down steps in sun
Panasonic Lumix S1r
girl holding American flag near golden gate bridge
Golden Gate Bridge in the mist
man holding American flag in city during day time
large birds flying san Francisco
girl in black dress sat with golden gate bridge behind her
girl with long hair operating record player
chain link fence san Francisco
golden gate bridge under mist
big sur California
man stood on cliff big sur California
mcway falls California
golden sunset in California
small wave crashing around a rock in sunset
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