Tintinhull Village Wedding Photography with Rachel and Jim

Somerset has so many beautiful villages. One of them is Tintinhull, situated near Yeovil. Rachel and Jim, who live in the area chose this little village for their wedding. Contacted by Rachel and Jim last year, I was more than pleased to be able to shoot their Somerset wedding. Jim, himself, is currently a long serving member of the British Army. I have served myself, therefore we had a connection.

I love shooting a wedding photography where a military uniform is within a set of images, it tells a second story. Rachel and Jim got married in St Margarets Church in Tintinhull, their reception was held at the Crown and Victoria Inn. Jim, who is from Tintinhull got ready with his Dad at his house, where he grew up as a lad, and Rachel prepared with her mum, and friend’s at the venue. With Rachel and Jim bot being close by, this really helped me get photos of all the events leading up to the day. Prep photos are so important to a wedding album.

Tintinhull Village

The ceremony was held a few hundred meters from the venue, in the Local Church. This day was one for warmest I seem to remember, so being inside a stone building was literally a blessing. The celebrations after are something to remember I will say. Watching Rachel and Jim play Mr & Mrs was hilarious. Testing to see who know what about who. Eye brows where raised her. The crowd laughing all the way  through.

What a brilliant couple these two really are, full of laughs. I felt part of the day, more like a guest than I did a wedding photographer. I wish you all the best in your married years ahead! And when I see them next no doubt we shall stop and grab a coffee for a catch up.

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white wedding dress hanging on wardrobe in window light
white wedding dress and pink sparkly shoes
bride having her hair styled in a bedroom
bride having her hair platted
makeup artist spray machine
pink flowers in sunlight
man holding a red rose standard chartered
military uniform and medals wedding
wedding groom putting on military uniform
groom reading wedding speech on white card
groom holding wedding rings in boxes
man in red to shirt putting flower on suit jacket
man waring army uniform at wedding
father and son getting ready for a wedding
British Army uniform
tintinhull church somerset
pink and white wedding flowers
bride waring a white dress and engagement ring
bride in white wedding dress smiling
bride in white dress holding flowers
bride in white dress walking down stairs
bride sat in a tractor trailer smiling holding flowers
little girl in a white dress with flowers in her hair
lady smiling with little girl at wedding
wedding groom in military uniform
best men holding wedding rings at wedding
man in army uniform at wedding alter
man in church waring a blue suit
bridal party stood outside of church in the sun
wedding in tintinhull somerset
Tintinhull Village Wedding Photography
man stood in church window light holding piece of paper
church wedding somerset
wedding in a church white dress
bride and groom smiling
little girl in white dress at a wedding in a church
bride and groom waking down church aisle smiling
bride and groom outside English church
wedding confetti throw at a church
Tintinhull Village Wedding Photography
military wedding
wedding confetti in the sun outside church in somerset
bride and groom with a tractor
bride in a white dress hugging a lady
bride and groom in the sunset smiling
wedding in the sun
military man with medals at wedding at sunset
wedding groom in military uniform and bride in white dress stood on road
pink and white wedding flowers
bride and groom first dance
military wedding first dance at disco
bride and groom on dance floor during first dance indoor firework
shutter drag on dance floor at wedding
bride in white dress dancing on disc floor at wedding shutter drag
shutter drag dance floor
shutter drag dance floor at wedding
shutter drag dance floor wedding
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