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Alongside my journey PHOTOGRAPHING WEDDINGS, I have a passion for meeting people and taking portrait photos. Most of my portrait work is normally outside on location. On an overcast moor, or on a sun-setting beach. JUST LIKE THIS SHOOT WITH GEORGE. I wanted to shoot something more relaxed and within a smaller location. Agnes has a small glass conservatory, with a white aesthetic. The oranges and green from the potted plants added a nice feel to the set. It also represents her individually as a person. Agnes HERSELF IS ALSO A PHOTOGRAPHER working mostly with children.

One small location…

The one thing I wanted to challenge myself with this portrait shoot, was to see how many angles and compositions I could get from this small location. I am learning the so many different perspectives can be from a small space. For photographing weddings this really helps. Some of the best photos to set a scene are the details. Moving in closer to the environment.

The details…

We shot this set for around 45 minutes, keeping it brief. As creativity can be killed if you try too hard and for too long. I used two Nikon d700 camera bodies, a 35mm and 58mm prime lens. After shooting inside, I took a moment to look at it from an outside perspective. Using the glass window and Agnes behind it, holding an old film camera as a prop.


girl in white sweater holding film camera
portrait photos
greenhouse with potted plants in daytime
woman holding cup of coffee in a greenhouse
woman with black hair holding white coffee mug
woman with dark hair holding a film camera
Olympus film camera
portrait photos
portrait photography whoisbenjamin
woman holding book and drinking coffee
home portrait photography
portrait photography in greenhouse
woman in white sweater sat on wicker chair
portrait photoshoot
home portrait photos
white book with black font
dried flowers in a blue glass jar
home portrait photoshoot
old film camera portrait photos
portrait photos at home
girl with long black hair holding old film camera
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