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I first met Doug and Hannah years back, when they moved next door to my parents. Who would have known that one day I would be shooting their wedding!? It really is mad how things can work out. When Hannah popped the question to Doug, he of course said yes! Dont tell anyone, but I had been secretly waiting for this day to arrive. And yes, they of course asked me to shoot their wedding at Hestercombe House.

Choosing this venue was a spectacular move! And im sure if you are reading this, you would have heard of the venue. The pond at the bottom of the gardens, the Temple at the top, and the Orangery are all amazing for photos. You cant go wrong.

As a child I spent many of my days visiting Hestercombe House, so I knew I was going to feel very good with the area. I also felt very at home amongst their friends and family. Thank you guys! On arrival of the day, we where all on edge about ‘possible rain’. Hannah really wanted the ceremony at the top of the gardens, in the temple. If it had rained, then the back up is the Orangery. This room is also brilliant for wedding images. Thats the amazing thing about Hestercombe, either way you’re winning. Luckily for these two lovely humans, the rain held back and they married in the temple!

 During Doug and Hannah’s wedding day, I was also filming them a highlight video, as seen on my homepage. These are now available along side a wedding photo album! I am able to film bits of the day hand held and compose this into a 3-4 minute wedding highlight feature video. Giving you that extra set of memories.  Congratulations to Doug & Hannah!


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hestercombe house
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