young couple holding hands in meadow with white flowers
boy and girl holding hands in field under blue sky

Alternative Wedding Idea In Somerset

During U.K lockdown, and I’m sure you know what I’m on about already, I’m finding ways to keep busy. I have been digging through my archives, looking at what I could possibly re edit and post. Im four years into my photography journey, and I’m always self critical of my work. But today, I came across this set of images with Andrew and Faye. My whole day lit up with colour with this alternative idea!

Andrew and Faye wanted to do something fun, and unique. I had recently seen a similar photoshoot online, so I threw them the idea. Straight away they said yes! We decided on Longrun Meadow in Taunton for our location. This was local for us all, and we knew the sun was going to be shining! We started off talking about their wedding day and getting some nice candid photos. Then we chose a location in the meadow start the fun! This paint was easily sourced on eBay, and is environmentally also! No hint!

Lets throw some paint……

Faye took the first shot, and it was cheap, Andrew did not see it coming! Im now trying to take photos and control my laughter at the same time! Andrew retaliated with a striking blow of purple puff! The fight was on! The skill for me was trying to keep camera focus, maintain exposure in the intense sunlight and not get covered myself! Moving in close produced some of the best images. Looking back at this set three years down the line, I’m really chuffed with how I did. This is why I could not resist a re edit and re post. Im kicking myself for even taking these images down!

This was my first ever couple shoot, and looking back at it now its re inspired to me want to shoot more alternative wedding ideas in Somerset and afar like this again!


alternative wedding idea is somerset
man smiling waring black glasses and checked shirt
engagement on young woman hand
young couple kissing stood near river in the sun
young girl smiling at young man in the sun
young couple kissing and embracing in park
man and woman smiling stood near river
man and woman stood in field smiling
girl in dress stood in long grass
man waring suit and glasses standing in a field with long grass
man and woman holding hands stood in field
Alternative Wedding Idea In Somerset
young couple throwing powdered paint in field
man in white t shirt throwing purple powdered paint at girl in field
girl with powdered paint allover her face waring red glasses
boy and girl throwing red and blue powdered paint in field
man with glasses on covered in coloured powdered paint
young girl in dress covered in powdered paint
man blowing powdered paint into girls face
powdered paint fight
powdered paint particles floating the air
young couple having a powdered paint fight in sunny field
boy and girl throwing purple powdered paint
powdered paint throw photoshoot
man smiling covered in multi coloured powdered paint
girl in polkadot dress throwing powdered paint at man
man and woman throwing powdered paint in a field with long grass
girl in dress throwing purple paint at man in white t shirt
man with mouth open covered in powdered paint stood in field
girl holding red sunglasses stood in meadow
man holding glasses with paint on them
young couple holding hands in a field in the sun
Alternative Wedding Idea In Somerset
boy and girl kissing covered in multi coloured paint on faces
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