Engagement Photography On The Coast Of Somerset

The Somerset Coastline is very tidal and muddy, but it does have some west-facing beaches! And this is perfect for a good sunset! This was perfect for Lynsey & Martins engagement photography! Brean Beach is my prefered area of choice for this, JUST LIKE WILLIAM & LILYS ENGAGEMENT SHOOT! 

The perfect lighting…

Setting a shoot up is all part of the fun for me. Location, styling and time of day. But being blessed with the low golden light we had is something that just happens. No photographer would ever say no to it! We met around an hour before sunset, and they were accompanied by their son Ed! I was challenged to be able to get a good photo of him, as he is a fast mover. Challenge accepted. I don’t mind couples bringing along a +1 if it helps. This means some FAMILY PHOTOS can be taken also!

Lynsey & Martin’s wedding is being held in 2021, so being able to get out and take engagement photos before really does help with breaking the camera barrier. And keeping us busy during the pandemic. When shooting engagement photos I always like to get photos of the ring. Leading to my next part….

Hold that pose…

During the shoot I said to them “hold your hands just as they are, I’m moving in for a ring shot” Yeah… that made them laugh. I can’t say this now seriously to couples without laughing myself. So thank you, guys! I’m laughing now writing this #ringshot. We walked and talked for an hour in the golden light taking more ring shots and I explained that this is how easy photos will be for them on the day. Photos don’t have to be serious. They never are. The golden light was so perfect I spent half the shoots saying “bangers” and jumping about with excitement. This is a good sign.

Looking forward to next year guys for your big day!

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