Castle Hotel Wedding Photography with Emma & Kyle

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For the first time in my wedding photography journey, I was hired by Emma & Kyle for their Castle Hotel wedding photography. This venue is a gem in the heart of Taunton Town centre. I love two things about this wedding venue. The first are the ceremony’s being held in the penthouse suit on the roof top. Over looking Taunton. The second are the gardens that you can wander for wedding photos afterwards! All really close by.

Taunton Towns Castle Hotel…

Arriving just after midday, I met Kyle out the front of the CASTLE HOTEL. Here he was talking to his friends and family, and just having fun. After some photos with him, I went inside, to see Emma. The building itself is filled with some very nice bedrooms, and a grand looking staircase. Emma was with her brother and friends, unboxing her wedding dress. And having a glass of champagne celebrating her big day. Once Emma was ready, I headed up to the penthouse suite on the roof. Kyle was waiting, with the rest of the wedding party. When Emma walked in, emotions where high. You could see how proud her brother was of her.

I have always really enjoy shooting weddings in the centre of Taunton. Here at the Hotel, and at the REGISTRY OFFICE . If your planning on getting married close by I would love to hear from you! Have you seen CHARLOTTE & COLINS CASTLE HOTEL WEDDING? 

groom at wedding drinking and smiling
man in black suit holding wedding ring in a white box
orange wedding flowers
bride holding her white wedding dress
bride in white dress holding orange flowers
bride hugging her brother at wedding
man at wedding crying happily
bride in white lace dress smiling
groom in black suit putting wedding ring onto brides finger
wedding rings and vowes
kiss the bride
signing of the register at a wedding
white wedding dress and orange flowers
rooftop wedding
wedding rings and flowers
Taunton Town rooftops
bride in white wedding dress in penthouse room
bride in white dress walking down stairs
wedding couple stood near hotel with jaguar car
man and woman smiling and kissing in the sunlight
man and wife kissing at wedding
orange and green wedding bouquet
Castle Hotel taunton
wedding castle hotel taunton
castle hotel taunton
red flower in the sun
the castle hotel taunton
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