Widcombe Grange Wedding Photography with Emily and Chris

I met Emily and Chris back in 2017, when they first booked me for their Widcombe Grange Wedding Photography. Being booked two years in advance is crazy. Living in the London area, Emily and Chris wanted a wedding that was within our beautiful countryside, and also a place that is in their hearts. Their venue of choice was Widcombe Grange.

When we first met two years ago, I met Emily and Chris on Kilve Beach, to discuss their wedding day and to get some photos. This can really help when it comes to the wedding days. Getting used to the camera makes a huge difference.Widcombe Grange, is somewhere where Emily and Chris and spent time together before, on a work related event . This is what led them to hiring it out for their big day. They hired the venue out for 3 days, where their family also stayed. They chilled out, and made a trip away from it! A great way to celebrate.

A personal touch…

Chris himself, is very eccentric person, and some of his personal touches to the day where not to be forgotten. The guest Alpacas, and the table decorations. Some colourful words used for this! But funny! And his best man, who is a policeman showing an evidence of his life achievements. You can only imaging the crowd reactions! Emily and Chris chose well with a Somerset wedding. I am so pleased they chose me to be their wedding photographer!


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wedding dress hanging from a wardrobe door
bride and her friend smiling in kitchen
wedding bride with hair curlers on
bridesmaid putting on wedding shoes
wedding bride and her bridesmaids smiling in large bedroom
wedding bride and her dad in blue suit
groom writing a letter sat at a table in house
brown and black shoes on a table
man holding wedding cards
man with glasses on putting on bow tie in suit
man struggling to put on a bow tie at wedding
man doing up waistcoat buttons
wedding flowers on a wooden table
brown wedding suit shoes
groomsmen putting on suits
wedding groom sat waiting on row of chairs
groomsmen laughing and joking drinking beer
groomsmen talking quietly before wedding
groom stood waiting for bride to arrive
bride and her dad walking down the aisle in large garden
bride and groom getting married in large garden in the sun
wedding party in large outside garden in the summer
bride putting wedding ring on grooms finger
groom putting ring on brides hand
bride and groom first kiss
brides maids smiling at wedding sat in chairs
bride and groom walkling hand in hand in the sun
Alpaca at a wedding
bride and groom walking with alpacas
wedding groom feeding an alpaca
bride in white wedding dress and groom in gre suit
wedding party holding large scrabble titles in garden
large scrabble tiles wedding decorstion
rude wedding table decorations
wedding guests holding photos
bride and groom entering wedding reception smiling
bride and groom smiling sat at table with friends
groom making a speech at wedding holding a phone
best man in blue suit making a speech at wedding smiling
bride in white dress sat on a chair in the sunlight with white trainers
custom bridal trainers with glitter
confetti wedding throw in the sunset in a garden
blue white and green wedding confetti
bride and groom reflection in the water
groom kissing bride on the head in large garden
bride and groom pinkie promise
smiling wedding couple stood next a pond
bride and groom stood in large garden smiling
pink and white wedding cake with rose
bride and groom first dance on dance floor with friends
wedding couple dancing and laughing
first dance at wedding
people dancing at wedding drinking
bride and groom with freinds in garden at night time
wedding celebrations at night time on driveway
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