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Durdle Door, Dorset, UK 1 Feb 2020

The south coast of England has some amazing coastal locations. One of the most well known being Durdle Door. It is located on the Lulworth Estate in south Dorset and is part of the Jurassic Coast.  It is a location of geographical importance. People travel from allover the world to visit this beach, and we did for Jackie and Dans photos.

I have been here many time before, when I was learning to be a photographer. Back in my landscape days. And I have shot many portraits here with people one to one. When I arranged to shoot with Dan & Jackie, who live locally, this location was first on my mind.

The Jurassic Coast

On arrival it was a little sunnier than expected, and also very windy. With the sun being out we there was a chance for a nice sunset. We started taking photos high up over looking the man o war beach. After agreeing that the wind was too much, we headed down to the lower part of the beach.

Once down here things where more manageable. It was actually busy down near the sea, so even photo I took, I was careful to make sure there was nobody photo bombing us. This can really help keep a set of photos nice and clean.

This location is endless for angles, and backdrops. No day is the same here. Some are warmer and less windy. After shooting down near the water we headed up to the hight part of the beach, to over the rock. This scene is great for that landscape photo where you just want everything in.

As the sun was getting to its lowest point, the chill of February had really started to creep in. We knew we had a great set of images. Im already eyeing up my next location for this type of shoot, Portland Bill.

Durdle Door
stoney beach and sea water
boy and girl walking in long grass
couple smiling on ocean view
cliff top with blue sea and blue sky
Durdle Door
large body of water and cliff edge
large cliffs with pathway
coastline with green hills
Dorset coastline England
blue ocean and chalk cliffs
large ocean bay with blue water
blue coastal scene with cliffs
the Dorset coastline
sun flare through cliff
ocean and sun with cliff
boy and girl stood near sea
Durdle Door
smiling couple on a beach near water
sun flare over body of water
girl smiling over shoulder of man
man holding girl on beach
waves crashing over pebbled beach
large rock sitting on blue ocean water
the jurassic coast
blue ocean under a blue sky
long exposure photo of ocean
boots stood stoney beach
Durdle Door
couple hugging on a beach
Dorset England
boy and girl looking out to see
man hugging lady
sunset on beach with pebbles
boy and girl walking on stoney beach
large wave crashing over beach
two people holding hands
girl smiling in sunset hugging man
sun flare on the coast
sunset over large cliffs
man hugging lady on cliff top
Durdle Door Dorset
couple holding each other on cliff top
blue ocean with large grey cliff
moody coastline
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young couple smiling on a beach in sunsetman and woman waring sunglasses smiling on beach