Coast Portrait Photoshoot – Cornwall

Personal projects as a photographer are important for keeping the creativity levels up. As we all need play as well as work right? For me shooting portraits is a subject that I really enjoy outside of wedding photography. Have you seen my HOME PORTRAIT SHOOT WITH AGNES? I met with Kyi in Cornwall for this coast portrait photoshoot at Bedruthan Steps on a calm summer’s evening.

The brief…

I asked Kyi if she would wear a white dress, and also bring a hat as an accessory. This gives great shape against the brighter sky. For me, this gives me inspiration and good practice for future WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. My dream is to one-day shoot weddings in locations such as this, because who wouldn’t want to? On arrival, the sun had just dipped below the horizon and there was only a small breeze in the air. The conditions were perfect for this photoshoot! I’m a sucker for an epic backdrop like the rugged coastlines of Cornwall. Maybe you are planning a wedding or elopement in a location such as this?

How it was shot…

The light was soft and diffused as the sun had dipped below the horizon. Blue hour as I call it is a great time for photography. Soft pastel colors and good contrast are given. Perfect for wedding photography! I asked Kyi to keep facing towards the light, to give a soft even glow across her face. Something that would be tricky if the sun was in the sky. I shot this set on Nikon d850, and I also made a short video on the Nikon z6 SEEN HERE ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I also like to keep the sun directly behind a subject, for a nice sun flare and silhouette look.

coast portrait shoot
girl in white dress and long black hair near cliff edge
Coast themed Portrait Shoot
woman in white wedding dress near cliff edge at sunset
portrait photos
Cornwall coastal photo shoot
girl with long black hair in white dress
woman in black hat and white dress on beach at sunset
silhouette of girl in dress and hat
Coast Portrait Photoshoot at sunset in cornwall
photoshoot on the coast
silhouette of girl in white dress holding a flower
cornwall wedding photographer
wedding photographers
girl in white dress during sunset on beach
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