Mr & Mrs Weeks Wedding Photos In The Heart of Somerset

The corona pandemic has really halted life as we knew it, and this includes the wedding industry. People are adapting, and scaling down weddings to suit. This is what Charlotte & Colin did. Here are some of their wedding photos we managed to capture in just two hours! You really don’t need long to get a great set of images. So if your planning on a small wedding please DROP ME A MESSAGE!

The Castle Hotel in Taunton was their venue of choice for the wedding. This isn’t THE FIRST TIME I have shot here, so I was confident of the angles I wanted to use for the wedding photos! I met Colin outside at 14:30, where we had a laugh and a few jokes and got used to the camera. It didn’t take Colin long! I then headed upstairs to greet Charlotte, who was already in her wedding dress! No album is complete without a few prep shots in soft window light!

2 hours to shoot…

I was hired out for a total of two hours, so the clock was ticking! I was having a pandemic in my head! After the ceremony in the penthouse suite, we headed outside to the gardens. This where I went into rinse mode! Fill those SD cards! In my head, I’m developing a formula of what photos will make a set look nice. And this is something that has taken me a long time. The Gardens here are very nice, but not the biggest, so I had a route planned to walk and poses to work with for each stop.

The images here are roughly a third of what I delivered to them in their online gallery, and I’m so pleased with them. I’m learning to adapt as a wedding photographer during the pandemic. With smaller weddings, I can deliver you a set of photos just like this!

man in brown shoes at wedding
wedding groom and best man outside large house
wedding rings
castle hotel taunton wedding
British flag under blue sky
wedding dress train
man smiling at wedding in blue suit
bride hugging father in hotel
white wedding dress
mother holding brides wedding dress
bride in white wedding dress in bedroom
bride holding wedding flowers in hotel room
wedding bride in window light of hotel room
wedding bride looking out of window
white detailed wedding dress
wedding photos in taunton
man in blue suit holding wedding rings
wedding groom laughing and smiling
women in white wedding dress with blonde hair
groom hugging wedding bride in large hotel room
little boy holding wedding rings
man in suit smiling in large room
white wedding dress and brown shoes
bride passing wedding flowers to man in surgical mask
somerset registry office
pink wedding flowers
man putting wedding ring on brides finger
white wedding dress with flowers
castle hotel wedding photographer
bride and groom getting married in hotel
bride in white dress kissing groom
bride in white dress waring tiara in hair
wedding rings and watch
bride and groom sat near large window
bride in white dress stood near window holding flowers
bride and groom smiling and kissing
bride and groom somerset wedding
somerset wedding photographer
wedding photographer in devon
wedding bride with blonde hair
wedding ring on brides hand
bride stood on large stairs in window light
white wedding dress on wooden floor
the castle hotel taunton wedding
bride and groom stood near garage door
man kissing bride on the cheek
bride and groom stood near green plants
Cornwall wedding photographer
somerset wedding photos
bride in white dress holding flowers
castle hotel weddings taunton
wedding photos
man kissing bride on the shoulder
somerset wedding photos
bride and groom castle wedding
wedding bride in white dress smiling
wedding photographers near me
budget wedding photos
wedding photos
beautiful wedding photos
castle hotel in taunton wedding
bride and groom smiling and kissing in garden
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