Beach Couples Photoshoot

William and Lily met me at BREAN DOWN BEACH in Somerset. They are looking to book me to shoot their wedding in 2021. A brilliant way to get to meet is with a couple’s photoshoot for an hour somewhere nice. So I pitched a beach couples photoshoot! On arrival, they had Jude with them, their little boy. This for me had now turned into a family/engagement shoot! How cool! Before we met up to shoot, I checked the weather app a day before. Brean Down beach is west facing, and I was hoping for the best weather opportunity, and we got it. We spent an hour under the setting sun getting some photos.

Some great practice before their wedding day…

Having a photoshoot before your big day, I think can really make a difference towards the result of the album. It’s a chance for you to get a feel for what it will be like on the wedding day. Except on your wedding day you really have time to think about it. During a session like this, I make it completely relaxed and as fun as possible. I ask you to just talk, and be yourselves. Sometimes ask you questions about you as a couple. This is fun as the answers can be anticipated and cause a great reaction. The poses will be so natural you won’t realize the camera is clicking. Just like on your big day.

The locations can be anywhere you may like. The beach, a walk through town and then into a coffee shop, or even your home. It is as simple as being yourself and pretending I’m not there. It is also a great time for us to banter about the big day and what wedding photo ideas they may have. These shoots are also great for couples who are just wanting some nice images together.


young couple smiling on beach during day time
man with glasses smiling on rocky beach
young couple stood on beach smiling
alternative engagement shoot
bread down beach engagement shoot
young couple stood on golden beach smiling
man and woman embracing on sunsetting beach
infant boy in mothers arms in sunny beach
young couple embracing on a beach in sunlight
boy and girl on beach hugging in sunset
man with glasses on hugging woman with red hat
styled photoshoot on beach
engagement photo shoot on beach
man kissing woman on forehead on beach
young couple smiling on beach during day time
young couple walking on beach laughing together
young couple holding baby boy on a beach
young boy smiling with parents on coastline
bread beach somerset
man and woman laughing on sunny beach
little boy with parents on sunset beach
baby boy being held up by father on beach
young boy with parents on beach
young family photo shoot
man and woman with young boy on sunset beach
mum and little boy on sunset beach
family photo shoot somerset
young couple smiling on beach during day time
out of focus photo of small family
man holding young boy in sunset
man with brown jacket on holding young boy
father and son photo shoot
young family on sunset beach
golden sunset on sandy beach
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