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Alice and Samuel met me in a local park, Vivary Park in Taunton. They where walking hand in hand, a new couple enjoying the sun. I was sat on a bench, with my camera. I noticed Alice and Samuel walk past me, but I didn’t notice them turn around and walk over to me. “Excuse me, can you take a photo of us”?

Alice and Samuel didn’t know that I was an aspiring wedding photographer. And what they had just asked me. Positioning them so I had a nice floral backdrop behind them, I asked them to stay close together. I started to ask them questions about them as a couple. Already their faces where priceless. What had they started? During got next 4 minutes I took around 48 images of Alice and Samuel, just laughing. I think it was a mixture if dis belief and excitement. Either way the photos where really good. And I will never forget it how all of this happened so randomly.

Shortly after this moment, I told them I was a wedding photographer. It was all making sense to them now. Before saying our goodbyes, Alice asked to add her on Facebook, so I could send the images to her. Getting home I uploaded my first ever, impromptu couple shoot into Lightroom. And started to edit. I sent them the best 20 images, and they soon got back to me saying how pleased they where.

Fast Forward 6 months….

6 months later I received an email from Alice. Yes you guessed it, there announced where getting married! Alice and Samuel had asked me to be their wedding photographer. I was so happy to hear this news.

Before I end this blog, one thing I feel I need to say is, take photos of people in the park if they ask.


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groom kissing bride on the cheek
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